The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 37

#TNisNotForSale!  Have you given your comment on Governor Bill Haslam‘s plan to ‪#‎outsource‬ thousands of our public jobs? We’ve got until June 10, here are some links: Tonight’s Playlist: Terrorizer Megamix! Grim Reaper – “See You In Hell” (for Sam) Sacred Reich – “Death Squad” and “Surf Nicaragua” Dekapitator – “Deathstrike Command” Boris – “Blackout” […]

Sunday Ruckus Playlist 05.29.16

1. Husker Du – I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About 2. Band of Horses – Monsters 3. Cee Lo Green – No Ones Gonna Love You 4. Corrosion of Conformity – The Hanged Man 5. CCR – Bootleg 6. Dax Riggs – Night is the Notion 7. Drivin N Cryin – Detroit City 8. […]

Pandemusica Playlist – May 26

By lack of demand, here’s today’s playlist: Pan-Atomic – Pandemusica ID Beastie Boys – Hold It Now, Hit It Prince – Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) The Rapture – No Sex for Ben The White Stripes – Little Room Beck – Where It’s At Ursula 1000 – Hip Length David McCallum – Batman Theme […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 36 (23 May 2016) Playlist

First Hour: Megadeth – “Holy Wars: The Punishment Due” and (R.I.P. Nick Menza) Precaria – “Traficando Los Órganos De La Iglesia” Portal – “The Back Wards” Dying Fetus – “Ethos of Coercion” Nyseius – “Possessor Of The Key To All Mysteries” Creeping – “Scythes Over My Grave” Behemoth – “The Satanist” and Enslaved – “Ascension” Second […]

This Week on Talk Nation Radio

Meike Capps-Schubert is the co-founder and current manager of The Clearing Barrel GI-Coffeehouse in Kaiserslautern next to Ramstein Airbase, Germany, the only GI-coffeehouse outside the United States. A long-time peace and justice activist in Germany, Meike is a counselor with the Military Counseling Network e.V. — the German branch of the GI-rights-hotline, which provides free, […]

This Week on Between The Lines

“He already announced several cuts in social programs: in health care and education, and he appointed radical, evangelical, right-wing new ministers. For instance, the minister of science and technology is a religious fundamentalist who doesn’t believe in science.” – Maria Luisa Mendonça, director of the Network for Social Justice and Human Rights in Brazil, on […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 35 (16 May 2016)

Episode 35 was Skaphe – “V” from Skaphe2 Carcass – “Exhume to Consume” Nightbringer – “Rite of the Slaying Tongue” Phobocosm – “Knives In the Senate House” LVTHN – “Into Death Reborn” Plebeian Grandstand – “Flail in the Bliss” Ulcerate – “We Are Nil” Squint your eyes to see clearly, blur reality to make it […]

The Bicameral Headbanger, Episode 34 – Jeffrey Perry and Naomi Klein (9 May 2016)

Business majors of the world, unite!  And watch these videos!  Naomi Klein on disaster capitalism and Jeffrey Perry on the 300-year-old capitalist origins of white supremacy.  Everybody check out the Perry video – I’ve only recently discovered him and I would love to hear y’all’s thoughts on his projects, positive or negative.  The Bicameral Headbanger, […]