Bicameral Halloween 2016

First and most importantly: Updates on #NoDAPL from Democracy NOW! If you are interested in resisting the pipeline, you can check out If you’re in Tennessee, there’s: And now, your Halloween 2016 Heavy Metal and Retro Doom (you can actually understand the words this week, weird) Playlist: Mercyful Fate – “Evil” Candlemass – […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 52 (24 October 2016)

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 52 – Playlist Diamanda Galas – “You Don’t Know What Love Is” Auroch – “Billowing Vervain” and “He Wreaths the Cross” Ta-Nahesi Coates – The Case for Reparations (2014) Portal – “The Back Wards” Unru – “Das Anna Karenina Prinzip” Chthe’ilist – “Scriptures From the Typhlodians” Book of Sand – “White […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 51 (17 Oct 2016)

Panopticon – “Resident” Martröð – “Draumleiðsla” Virus – “Afield” Suicide – “Frankie Teardrop” Emma Goldman on Patriotism (read by Sandra Oh) Morbid Angel – “Where The Slime Live” #ECW At the Gates – “Unto Others” Frederick Douglass on the Fourth of July Yanis Varoufakis on Guaranteed Income Howls of Ebb – “Subliminal Lock – A Precursor […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 50

11 October 2015 Mithras – “Psyrens” and “Worlds Beyond the Veil” Indian – “No Grace” and “Rhetoric of No” (RIP Bill Bumgartner) Goatpsalm – “Flowers of the Underworld” Void Omnia – “A Fallowed Remembrance” Iron Maiden – “Back In The Village” Book of Sand – “The Mountains Are Waking Up” Glenn Branca – Symphony 5, […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 49 – In Which I (Falsely) Accuse a Man of Attempted Murder By Means of Delicious Well-Seasoned Hamburgers

At the WOZO 2016 Grillfest, after eating many delicious hamburgers and side-items and drinking many beers I nearly lost my life from puking so much.  I also experienced strange visions, hallucinations and emotions.  I used this thematically-unified show to process my feelings over the airwaves while mean-spiritedly blaming WOZO Grillfest organizer Aaron Campbell for my […]