Bicameral Headbanger Episode 56

Here’s To the Protesters Segment Discharge – “Protest and Survive” Bikini Kill – “Rebel Girl” We the People suffer from two spiritual diseases: the first is our staunch narcissisism, the second is our addiction to the image of perfection. The reasons that you get into arguments or conflicts or fights with other people are the […]

Bicameral Headbanger Episode 55 – Women of Extreme Music (Nov 14 2016)

Regarding the recent Presidential election and calls for unity, NO WE AIN’T COMING TOGETHER ON OUR OPINION OF THIS RACIST SEXIST BUSINESS FAILIN’ WEIRD HAIRIN’ CONTRACTOR CHEATIN’ LAWSUITS HAVIN’ ORANGE JULIUS JACKASS. ┬áNot while he denigrates women, scapegoats minorities, consorts with white supremacists, or continues to engage in crooked and exploitative business practices. One thing […]

Bicameral Headbanger Episode 54 (Nov 7 2016)

Nightbringer – “Et Nox Illuminatio Mea In Deliciis Meis” and “Lantern of Eden’s Night” The USA Is A Monster – “Poison Plant” Wolvserpent – “In Mirrors of Water” Inter Arma – “Transfiguration” Ulcerate – “Extinguished Light” Samael – “Into The Pentagram” Origin – “The Appalling” Tid – “Frost” Royal Thunder – “Time Machine” Suicide – […]