First and most importantly: Updates on #NoDAPL from Democracy NOW!

If you are interested in resisting the pipeline, you can check out
If you’re in Tennessee, there’s:

And now, your Halloween 2016 Heavy Metal and Retro Doom (you can actually understand the words this week, weird) Playlist:

Mercyful Fate – “Evil”

Candlemass – “The Well of Souls”

Church of Misery – “Blood Sucking Freak”

Invasion – “Conjure War” – “Alchemy” – “Spells of Deception”

Cirith Ungol – “Atom Smasher”

Lucifer’s Friend – “Everybody’s Clown”

High Priest of Saturn – “The Warming Moon”

Lucifer – “Anubis”

Black Sabbath – “N.I.B.”

Slough Feg – “Death Machine”

Dio – “Invisible”

Judas Priest – “The Ripper”

Manowar – “Kings of Metal” and “Blood of the Kings”

Iron Maiden – “Hallowed Be Thy Name”

Helloween – “Halloween”

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