Death – “Pull the Plug”

Possessed – “Fallen Angel”

Repulsion – “The Stench of Burning Death”

Napalm Death – “Scum” (Live at BBC)

Carcass – “Genital Grinder/Maggot Colony”

Terrorizer – “Corporation Pull-In”

Suffocation – “Infecting the Crypts”

Obituary – “Body Bag”

Morbid Angel – “Maze of Torment” (Live)

Carcass – “Heartwork”

Entombed – “Left Hand Path”

Grave – “Into the Grave”

At The Gates – “Slaughter of the Soul”

Demilich – “The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed)”

Gorguts – “The Carnal State”

Cryptopsy – “Slit Your Guts”

Meshuggah – “Rational Gaze”

Dying Fetus – “Opium of the Masses”

Origin – “Algorithm”

Nile – “Execration Text”

Chthe’ilist – “Scriptures From the Typhlodians”

Artificial Brain – “Synthesized Instinct”

Ulcerate – “Confronting Entropy”

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