Regarding the recent Presidential election and calls for unity, NO WE AIN’T COMING TOGETHER ON OUR OPINION OF THIS RACIST SEXIST BUSINESS FAILIN’ WEIRD HAIRIN’ CONTRACTOR CHEATIN’ LAWSUITS HAVIN’ ORANGE JULIUS JACKASS.  Not while he denigrates women, scapegoats minorities, consorts with white supremacists, or continues to engage in crooked and exploitative business practices.

One thing that we DO need to come together on is the simple fact that misogyny and all mistreatment of women is wrong period.  We need to stop overlooking Donald Trump’s willingness to use such rhetoric for his own political gain, and we need to support equality and equal rights for all human beings regardless of sex, gender, race, class, background, or creed.

One particular action that’s been suggested by many who find themselves taken aback by Donald Trump’s misogyny is to protest the appointment of Steve Bannon as White House General Strategist.  If you are moved to do so, here’s a link to the story.
Protesting Steve Bannon’s White House Appointment

Calling the offices of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (202-225-3031) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (202-224-2541) has also been suggested as a way to protest Bannon’s appointment.

I was also given permission to read some eloquently poetic and sadly accurate responses from local citizens on the subject of Donald Trump’s election on the air – I proudly share them with you here.

B. from Knoxville wrote:
“This isn’t really about politics.
I haven’t been grieving all day because Hillary lost. She wasn’t my first pick by a long shot but I could’ve stomached her for four years. I’m grieving because NOBODY won.
This isn’t about a contest where one team wins and another takes a loss. This is about an overwhelming amount of people validating every hateful, ignorant, entitled, disgusting darkness. This is about a loss of our humanity. This is what happens when fear overrides basic decency. This is why I grieve.
I can’t be fearless, but I will try to be brave. I hope y’all will, too. ❤️
“I don’t know what is going to happen in the next four years. I’m just going to stick to my daily regimen of trying real hard not to be a dick while advocating for women and minorities, raising decent little humans, and serving my community. I will work even harder at listening.
In the meantime, do not try to placate me. Save your “everything’s gonna be alright’s” for the members of your privileged fuck-it club. This country just put a stamp of approval on almost everything I stand against, so don’t invalidate my very real concerns via your own version of peeing on my leg and telling me it’s raining.
Ain’t nobody got time for this shit.”

E. from Knoxville wrote:
“What a silly girl I was to hope love and basic decency would win over ignorance and hate. All my life in hundreds of ways I’ve watched the pussygrabbers of the world humiliate and crush smart girls. I felt it myself at school, at my early jobs, in my marriage and divorce. I hoped my smart, brave daughters would grow up in a different era. Lesson learned: ‘On your knees, bitch.'”

Right now it’s as important as it ever has been for privileged males (whether we think we’re privileged or not) to shut up for a minute and listen to what the ladies have to say.

To that end I (very humbly) dedicated this episode of the show to the ladies.  All the musical acts played on this show feature female members or solo artists performing extreme music at the absolute highest levels of intensity and skill.  If you think a particular musical group or artist should have been featured on this show, shoot me a message (e-mail: and I’ll try to include them on a future episode.

On to the music.  Playlist from Monday Nov. 14 2016.

Abnormality – “Contaminating the Hive Mind”

Windhand – “Orchard”

Cloud Rat – “Daunting Daughters” and “Caisse”

Izegrim – “Victim of Honor”

Wykked Wytch – “The Ultimate Deception”

Landmine Marathon – “Beaten and Left Blind”

Vodun – “Mawu”

Gallhammer – “Blind My Eyes”

Melt-Banana – “Monkey Man” [Toots and the Maytals Cover]

Swans – “Trust Me” and “Black Eyed Dog”

Diamanda Galas – “A Soul That’s Been Abused”

Coven – “Dignitaries of Hell”

Boris – “My Neighbor Satan”

High Priest of Saturn – “Ages Move the Earth”

Black Math Horseman – “Tyrant”

Chelsea Wolfe – “Kings”

Myrkur – “Onde Born” (Live)

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