At the WOZO 2016 Grillfest, after eating many delicious hamburgers and side-items and drinking many beers I nearly lost my life from puking so much.  I also experienced strange visions, hallucinations and emotions.  I used this thematically-unified show to process my feelings over the airwaves while mean-spiritedly blaming WOZO Grillfest organizer Aaron Campbell for my illness even though I probably just drank too much.

I will not forget, Aaron Campbell.

And I will not forgive.

My heart is flame.

My eyes are flame.

Even though I probably just drank too much.

Also shout out to Krazy K’s dog for allegedly eating my vomit.

Monday, September 19, 2016 Playlist:

Holodomor – Apocalyptic Hangover

Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick

Carcass – Maggot Colony

Jeff Walker Und Die Fluffers – Sunday Morning Coming Down

Ripper – Vomiting Blood

Inherit Disease – Dark Facets of Self-Indulgence

Darkthrone – Effed Up And Ready To Die

Swarm – Rising Up Through Your Chest

At Mortem – Release

Ulcerate – Everything Is Fire

Origin – Consuming Misery

Death Vomit – Indestructible Abominations

Portal – Plasm

Obituary – Splattered

Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight – Sack of Vomit

Ab Imo Pectore – Mass Grave Emanations

Soilent Green – Lovesick

Indian – Rhetoric of No

Nightbringer – I Am The Gateway

The Rolling Stones – Loving Cup

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