Knox Community Well Be – DJ Anam

Show Hours: Saturdays 4pm – 5pm

Hi everyone – I’m Anam (pronounced Ah-num – it’s a Scots Gaelic cobbled word for
those of you asking), one of WOZO’s newest DJs.

Welcome to Knox Community Well Be, part of WOZO Radio 103.9 FM, Knoxville’s
Community Radio station. The show has been running since March 2018, and is a show
for and about local communities and community well-being, particularly (but not
exclusively) East Knoxville, as told through interviews with me by the individuals and
groups who are making a positive impact working in and with their local communities.
In addition to interviews, guests pick songs that best that represent the work they do or
that best represents well-being as they see it.

I also firmly believe that creativity is a major factor in enhancing health and well-being,
both individually and as a community. That means that I frequently have writers, poets,
spoken word artists and other artists on the show to read and / or talk about their work.

If you are a group or individual doing local community work (though sometimes we have
folks outside of Knoxville) or are an artist and would like to be the show, contact me on
Facebook at or through the website at

I look forward to hearing from you!


– Guests to Date:

March 24 – Bryan Alexander – the Birdhouse Community Center (Knoxville) with special
guests, poets and writers John C. Mannone and Ann Thornfield Long

Podcast: Interview with Bryan Alexander

March 31 – Michael Covington – East Knoxville Community Meeting

Podcast: Interview with Mr. Covington, Part 1, Part 2

April 7 – Re-air of Mr. Covington’s interview (see Podcasts above)

April 21 – Gail Skelly – Salford (England) Community Light Festival (as part of my New
Orleans special)

Podcast: Interview with Gail Skelly

April 28 – Re-air of Bryan Alexander, Birdhouse Community Center (Knoxville) interview
in celebration of one month anniversary (see Podcast above)

May 5 – Special live show on issues around interpersonal violence and abuse (guests
not named) (no Podcast available)

May 12 – Addie Parr Arbach and Rebecca Arbach – Next Step Initiative

Podcast: Coming Soon!

May 19 – Drocella Mugorewera – Bridge Refugee Services

Podcast: Podcast unavailable

May 26 – Poet and Educator Devan Burton

Podcast: Interview with Devan Burton, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

June 2 – Larry Rhodes (Doubter 5), Atheist Society of Knoxville,, Freethought Radio Hour on WOZO Radio, formerly Freethought Forum TV and Rationalists of East Tennessee

Podcast – courtesy of Larry Rhodes (Doubter 5) at, Show #102

June 9 – William Isom, East Tennessee PBS

Podcast: Interview with William Isom, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

June 16 – Ana Goncalves – Rescuing Health

Podcast: Interview with Ana Goncalves

June 23 – Dawn Schneider – DJ Cripchik Dawn, Disability Power show on WOZO Radio (and her work as an activist in the disability community)

Podcast: Interview with Dawn Schneider

June 30 – Hannah Gunderman – Knox Vegan and Knoxville Farmed Animal Save with special guest Tyler Sonnichsen, Comedian

Podcast: Interview with Hannah Gunderman and Tyler Sonnichsen, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

July 7 – Dr. Tyrone Wells (Wombat), WOZO DJ on Freethought Radio Hour, speaker, and founder of “Let’s Chat” (also here) street epistemology project (among many other things)

Podcast: Coming Soon!

July 14 – Bobby Fuego, MC, Founder, Elevated Minds Collective and Da Hitmen Productions, and Aaron Zecchini, Deadbeat Scoundrels

Podcast: Interview with Bobby Fuego and Aaron Zecchini

July 21 – WOZOfest 2018 coverage / Soundcloud artists’ playlist

July 28 – Dr. Gerry McCartney, Head of Public Health Observatory, NHS Health Scotland

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Gerry McCartney

August 4 – Alan Sims (Knoxville Urban Guy), Founder, Inside of Knoxville, and Radio Host, KnoxCentric, WUTK 90.3 the Rock

Podcast: Interview with Alan Sims, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

August 11 – Erin Elizabeth Smith and Katie Bell, Sundress Academy for the Arts / Sundress Publications / Firefly Farms

Podcast: Interview with Erin Elizabeth Smith and Katie Bell, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

August 25 – Dr. Stefanie Benjamin, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (RHTM)/Tourism RESET/Einstein Simplified

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Stefanie Benjamin, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

September 2 – Jack Knoxville, Founder & Executive Director, Trans Empowerment Project and Digital Organizer, Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Podcast: Interview with Jack Knoxville, Part 1, Part 2

September 8 – Dr. Marilyn Kallet, Knoxville’s Poet Laureate, Professor Emerita, University of Tennessee, Department of English / Creative Writing, Poetry Workshop Leader, VCCA-International

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Marilyn Kallet

September 15 – Cos McCord (Cos#420 / Tony Slu) and Greg Caldwell (B.L.A.C.K. / 865finest), CoFounders, $lu (Strength, Loyalty, Unity) (with Brian B.T. Tate – TuPair / 2Pair)

Podcast: Interview with Cos and Greg, Part 1, Part 2

September 22 – Sharon Mishler Fox, Poet and President-Elect, Poetry Society of Tennessee, Knoxville Chapter

Podcast: Interview with Sharon Mishler Fox, Part1, Part 2, Part 3

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Thank you!!

Note: All podcasts can be found on Knox Community Well Be’s page unless noted otherwise.
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