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    Creative Partners is an award-winning, full-service digital agency , specializing in brand promotion, interactive communications, corporate identity development, brand management, customer loyalty and corporate identity design, with locations in Los Angeles and Stamford, CT. The company was founded in 1985 by Jack Swartz. In recent years, the company has seen rapid growth and changes, ultimately becoming one of the top agencies in the digital advertising and Internet marketing fields. Creative Partners provides its clients with design and technical expertise, as well as creative support. This level of service makes them a desirable choice for many businesses looking for a full service marketing partner.

    As opposed to agencies which simply handle the public face of a client’s brand or product, creative services allow creative minds to come in to “work on the brain” of their client and make suggestions on how to improve it. It may sound a little bit like therapy – but actually, creative partners are there to make sure that customers and employees feel like they are a part of the process. They help make sure, “Your story is being told” every time they look at their company’s brochures or website. If you’ve ever used a company to promote your own product or service, you’ve probably noticed that the creative process can sometimes be long and difficult. Creative companies help shorten this process by focusing on the end result: making sure that a customer gets a great experience every time.

    A partnership is one way that creative partners bring focus and purpose to an agency. There are many different types of partnerships, from royalty-based to affiliate marketing programs. Each type brings something unique to the table that can’t always be found elsewhere. A good example is an agency that works as one big agency, doing everything from lead generation to print, web and TV ad campaigns. Another example is a creative partnership that works as two agencies, working on new clients and projects in parallel.

    But what if you’re working with a creative partnership? Does it have its own advantages? And what if one of your creatives isn’t pulling his/her weight? In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more.

    The advantages of creative partnerships are well known. Creatives who work together tend to be more innovative, better problem solvers, and, best of all, happier. Because creative partners bring each other excitement, they often act as “ice breakers” to get creative ideas flowing. Creativity and enthusiasm are two things that everyone in a relationship needs.

    But does a creative partnership to fulfill the same purposes as traditional agency relationships? Not necessarily. Before you make the leap from traditional agency work to a creative partnership, take stock of your goals. Do you want long-term, steady growth, or do you want to take on a few clients a month? A long-term partnership is ideal for those who don’t mind being away from their partners for short periods of time-creatives who need a break from the business and the challenges that came with it.

    Also, don’t forget about short-term goals. Sometimes, a creative partnership can lead to a new and exciting challenge. It’s great to dive into new ideas with your creative partners! But keep in mind that the excitement wears off quickly, so you may need to find other creative ways to keep the fire burning. When creative relationships end, move on if you want to-but remember that your partnership has an important role to play in your business’s future!

    Whether you’re working with one partner or ten, there are many ways to develop a strong, creative partnership. Just be sure to evaluate your creative team and choose wisely. After all, your creative partner(s) are your most valuable asset. They may be your best salesperson, your best designer, or your best technical producer. But without a good partnership, you and your creative shop could go kaput.