• Bennett Pollard posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Google recently announced a brand new program known as Google Social Impact. This is basically an advertising initiative which will enable you to utilize your Google+ account to promote and interact with your potential audience. Just like the regular Google ads, these advertisements will also be targeted to the content of your profile page. In essence, when someone clicks on one of the Google ads displayed on a friend’s page, the ad will display based on the interests that the user has highlighted in the past. The idea is that people who regularly share certain interests or topics will be more likely to find something of value in using Google as their source for online information.

    One of the things that we have noticed with Google over the last several years is that they are always looking out for new ways to make their product or service better. magazine have been trying to do this is by introducing new products or services at a fast rate. One of these newer endeavors involves Google+ Local. According to Google it is “a new platform provided by Google to enable users in the travel industry to connect with local businesses.” Since this announcement, some have speculated that we might see some new features added to Google+ in the future.

    One thing that we can expect from this new program is that Google will allow more customers to connect directly with businesses that they might know about through their social network. If you check out the Google+ Local section, you will notice that it currently contains listings from restaurants, businesses, banks, motels, shops, spas, and others. This will hopefully expand over time and include other types of businesses that aren’t necessarily focused upon providing a customer service atmosphere. As we all know, many customers like to stay connected to other customers who have been to the same location as them. If the program includes business listings from local places around your area, you may find that you have even more reasons to visit that particular business and make a purchase.

    Another feature that we might find in Google+ Local is that the more people that use this platform to connect with a business, the more likely it is that these customers might also want to recommend this business to their friends. You may find that recommendations from your friends can lead to increased business. In order to encourage customers to use this platform for recommendations, you are going to have to make it easier for them. The easier it is for your customers to provide you with recommendations, the more likely they are to do so. This should be taken into account in any changes that are made to Google+ Local.

    One of the things that many business owners worry about when it comes to social impact marketing is that their pages will appear lower in search engine results. This shouldn’t worry you too much as long as you use titles sparingly. Titles that begin with “X” are generally found within the first few pages of search engine results. You may need to adjust your titles so that they begin with something a little less vague, but nothing that will cause the ranking of your business to drop.

    Reviews can be another area where you might want to make the most out of Google+ Local. In many cases the best way to make the most of the reviews is to find a group of customers that have recently visited your place of business and leave their reviews. In the review you will find information such as the type of food that was ordered, the price, and even a brief description of what they thought of the service. Leaving a comment on a review could be just the ticket that you need in order to take your business and your brand to the next level.

    The social bookmarking aspect of Google+ Local should be taken advantage of. You can use this feature to not only spread the word about your business but to also provide a place for customers to find you. You will find that more people will be able to find you in this way. If you haven’t already created your pages for reviews and recommendations then you should be doing so. This will make it easier for your customers to give you the positive feedback that you need in order to move forward.

    As magazine , we always want to be the first to provide something that has great value. The great thing about this new social networking program is that it gives us the chance to do just that. It provides an opportunity for you to reach out to your customer base in a new way. The more that you utilize the various aspects of Google+ Local the more successful your business will become. If you haven’t already created your local account, then you should be doing so now. The benefits of doing so will surely be noticed by your current customers, and soon, your new local customers as well.