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    An Lac Green Symphony is found in Truck Canh Commune, Hoai Duc Section, Metropolis. Hanoi exceeding 1059 villas, nearby … 21 apartment structures with forms of duplex cottages, one villas. adjacent, shophouse, condo.

    The choosing aspects to purchase An Lac Green Symphony villa:

    The frontage of your highway is organized to be band 3.5 connecting from Highway 32 (Hoai Duc) to Thang Extended – Le Trong Suntan Boulevard (Ha Dong).

    The frontage of Xuan Phuong 70 road with 8 lanes wide is being expanded and completed.

    Immediately hook up My Dinh – Cau Giay with just 10-20 minutes drive.

    In 2023 Hoai Duc will officially visit the Region to “make use of” to improve property prices.

    Like a chain of planet-class establishments: Smart fishingpool and kindergarten, reception hall, spa, gym and restaurant, and so on. Moreover, with 8 huge and modern car parking floors.

    Innovative burglar alarm system, skilled security group provided with present day equipment are set up with 3-level safety.

    Please visit the website anlacgreen-symphony.com.vn to register to visit the model house if you are interested in the project of An Lac Green Symphony villa.

    For details about An lac Green Symphony browse this web portal