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Bicameral Headbanger – Brief History of Death Metal – March 12 2018 Playlist

Death – “Pull the Plug” Possessed – “Fallen Angel” Repulsion – “The Stench of Burning Death” Napalm Death – “Scum” (Live at BBC) Carcass – “Genital Grinder/Maggot Colony” Terrorizer – “Corporation Pull-In” Suffocation – “Infecting the Crypts” Obituary – “Body Bag” Morbid Angel – “Maze of Torment” (Live) Carcass – “Heartwork” Entombed – “Left Hand […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Playlist March 5 2018

“On the Incompatibility of Civilization and Kinship Society” Entheogen – “Sol Knell” Mahr – “Apostasy” Leprous Vortex Sun – “Плевок” Not A Cost – “Axiom” Heir – “Cendres” Mare Cognitum – “Entropic Hallucinations” Xenotaph – “Inversion Ritual” Officium Triste – “World In Flames” Haethen – “Wanderer” Depravity – “Kretin” Swamp Witch – “Novem” Tchornobog – […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 67

Power Trip – “Firing Squad” Napalm Death – “Rabid Wolves (For Christ)” The Drip – “Catalyst” Funeral Chant – “Spiral Into Madness” Tomb Mold – “Feed Them Hate” No Comment – Downsided EP (Complete) Agathocles – “Kill Your Idols” Noam Chomsky – “How Do We Win” (Death Grips Remix) White Zombie – “Super-Charger Heaven” Totem […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 66

Totem Skin – “Always Ire” ANCST – “Entropie” Vektor – “Tetrastructural Minds” Herder – “Evasion of Truth” Bathsheba – “Ain Soph” Coroner – “Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis)” Project Omega – “The King of the Dead” Artificial Brain – “Synthesized Instinct” Gruesome – “Forces of Death” Sunless – “The Ancient Ones” Archivist – “4500” David Graeber […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 64

Nomads – “Falling Down” Masakiri – “Egoism In Harvest” Discommand – “War Is Terror” “Egoism” is very much in harvest these days, reality is more complex than it ever has been and our ability to understand reality is as poor as it ever has been, we’re addicted to entertainments and silly myths about our own […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 63

Playlist from Monday Jan 23 2017 Timeghoul – “Rain Wound” At noon on a rainy Friday last week, surrounded by sycophants, weaklings and crooks, Donald Trump assumed the Presidency of the United States of America. Narcissistic reality TV star, business failure, self-confessed sexual predator, boorish ignoramus who can’t even quote “Two Corinthians” to a Bible […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 62

Playlist from January 16 2017 (Martin Luther King Day) Cornel West on Sanitizing Martin Luther King’s Legacy (2010) The Santa-Clausification of Martin Luther King (The Intercept, 2017) The Obsessed – “Brother Blue Steel” Venom – “In League With Satan” Martin Luther King – “On Love and Power” Spectral Lore – “The Veiled Garden” Horsebastard – […]