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Vacation Days!

We here at The Bicameral Headbanger work hard to make you say things like “What in Jesus Hell was that,” “Can’t pick up any other station in this parking lot, might as well listen to this garbage,” and “I can’t believe he played Boris again what the fuck this is supposed to be a metal […]

The Bicameral Headbanger 11 July 2016

Thou – “By Endurance We Conquer” (dedicated to Baton Rouge) Nightbringer – “I Am The Gateway” Blood Incantation – “Chaoplasm” Gorguts – “Obscura” Gevurah – “Cosmic Putrefaction” Vermin Womb – “Setting Standards” Sun Worship – “The Absolute Is Becoming” Begrime Exemious – “BXH-42 Transition” Skaphe – “IV” Oak Pantheon – “Grasp the Apparition” Gene Sharp […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 42

Playlist from Monday July 4 2016 Unru – “Von der Flüchtigkeit des Todes” Frederick Douglass on the Meaning of the Fourth of July (read by James Earl Jones and thanks André) Nile – “Evil To Cast Out Evil” Howls of Ebb – “Cabals of Molder” Thantifaxath – “Panic Becomes Despair” Mo’ynoq – “Anguish and Atonement” Altarage […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 41 (Monday 27 June 2016)

Vektor – “Charging the Void” Hour of Penance – “Hierarchy of the Fools” Chthe’ilist – “Voidspawn” Nightbringer – “Watchtower of the West – Gate of the Mighty Dead” Zhrine – “Empire” Primitive Man – “Loathe” Keeper – “Four Walls; A Home” Noam Chomsky – What Is Anarchism? Morbid Angel – “God Of Emptiness/World of Shit” […]

Shows You Had No Legal Right Not To Miss Episode 67 – Power Trip, Tomb Mold, Michelle Alexander Episode 66 – Artificial Brain, Sunless, David Graeber Episode 64 – Masakiri, Iskra, Matt Taibbi (12 February 2017) Episode 63 – Michelle Alexander, Timeghoul, Soreption (29 Jan 2017) Episode 62 – Martin Luther King, Jr, Oathbreaker, Spectral […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 40

Playlist from Monday, 20 June 2016 Napalm Death – “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” [Dead Kennedys Cover] Antigama – “Disconnected” Flattbush – “Smash the Octopus” Unrest – “We’re Calling You Out” (first four songs dedicated to DJ Lowered Fader who wins the Yelling At Dumb Christian Bigots Award of the Week) Dying Fetus – “Second Skin” […]

Sunday Ruckus Playlist 06.19.16

1. Band of Horses – Throw My Mess 2. Ben Bridwell and Iron & Wine – No Way Out of Here 3. Unicorn – The Night 4. Drive By Truckers – Puttin’ People on the Moon 5. The Kinks – Sittin’ on My Sofa 6. Guadalcanal Diary – Whiskey Talk 7. Gary Clark Jr. – […]

The Bicameral Headbanger Episode 39

Playlist from Monday, 13 June 2016 Iron Maiden – “Fear of the Dark” (Live from Rock In Rio) SPECIAL GREATEST SHREDDERS OF ALL TIME COUNTDOWN DOUBLE-BIRTHDAY DEDICATION SEGMENT IN WHICH C.C. DEVILLE OBVIOUSLY WINS #1 Poison – “Talk Dirty To Me” (Singalong) Dedicated to B-Rad The Great Kat – “Satan Goes To Church” (Playalong) Dedicated […]