Mare Cognitum – “Aether Wind”

Ars Magna Umbrae – “Against The Light”

Au-Dessus – “VII”

Noam Chomsky – “Exposing Power to the Sunlight”

Phrenelith – “Conquering Divinity”

Chomsky – “On Work and Creativity”

Expander – “R-Type 2 Civilization”

Chomsky – “Media and Sports”

Iron Reagan – “Bleed the Fifth”

Heir – “L’Heure d’Helios”

Chomsky – “Freedom of Speech”

Not A Cost – “Axiom”

Nightbringer – “Misrule”

Entheogen – “Lethean Throat”

Chaos Moon – “The Pillar, The Fall and The Key Parts I & II”

Chomsky – “Snowden and Terror”

Dying Fetus – “Panic Amongst the Herd”

Toxicology – “Worth the Profit”

Chomsky – “Looking Out The Window”

Gigan – “Clockwork With Thunderous Hooves”

Full of Hell – “At the Cauldron’s Bottom”

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