Misrule – “Forced to Suffer”

Guante – “How To Explain White Supremacy to a White Supremacist”

Friendship – “Corrupt”

Tomb Mold – “Blood Mirror”

Noose Rot – “Worship the Crypt”

Pages Matam – “Black Lives, Tigers and Bears”

Monolithe – “Burst In the Event Horizon”

Depravity – “Soul Enslaver”

Lorn – “Abstract Trap”

Donte Collins – “Whiteness Shops For A Prayer”

Sunless – “Wishes Fallen on Deafened Ears”

Bokluk – “Black Gush”

Brume – “Mother Earth”

Guante – “Consent at 10,000 Feet”

Owl Coven – “Wanderer of the Cosmic Void”

Donte Collins – “What the Dead Know By Heart”

Jassa – “The Marsh Fires’ Spirit”

Somnium Nox – “Apocrypha”

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