#TNisNotForSale!  Have you given your comment on Governor Bill Haslam‘s plan to ‪#‎outsource‬ thousands of our public jobs? We’ve got until June 10, here are some links:




Tonight’s Playlist:

Terrorizer Megamix!

Grim Reaper – “See You In Hell” (for Sam)

Sacred Reich – “Death Squad” and “Surf Nicaragua”

Dekapitator – “Deathstrike Command”

Boris – “Blackout”

Dismember – “Override of the Overture”

Thou – “Sifting” (Nirvana cover)

Tonight’s second hour is dedicated to my interview with Diana Moyer and Josh Smyser of the local UCW-CWA, who discussed UT Diversity, Governor Bill Haslam’s privatization plan, and the Tennessee Is Not For Sale! movement in February of this year. God knows I’m far from an expert interviewer but my guests were excellent.  Soundcloud link to the whole thing below.

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