Protests Are Happening In Knoxville

Knoxville Show Me $15 Rally – Tuesday, November 29

Standing Rock Solidarity Rally – Thursday December 1

Tennessee Says #NoDAPL

Good Fortune and God Speed to everyone in Sevier County right now, especially the emergency personnel, Firefighters, Police, Medics and the National Guard.  Ripley’s Aquarium crew: we’re all rooting for you!

Tonight’s Playlist:

Noneuclid – “Paranoid Alkaloid”

Napalm Death – “Deceiver/Social Sterility/Retreat to Nowhere/Scum” Live @ BBC
(The fact that I can never be in this exact band makes me cry worse than the Gilmore Girls Season 4 Finale)

Death Grips – “Giving Bad People Good Ideas” (dedicated to all us Facebook “users”/used)

Lard – “Can God Fill Teeth?”

Death Toll 80K – Harsh Realities (almost complete)

Noam Chomsky – “How Do We Fight” [Death Grips Remix]

Grey Aura – “Bereneiland”

That Grey Aura double album is based on this guy.

Primitive Man – “Rags”

Ilsa – “Cult of the Throne”

Cornel West – “Donald Trump Is a Neofascist” [Death Grips Remix]

Setentia – “Beyond Myopic Blame”

Slow Breathing – “2”

Ultramantis Black – “Biomonster DNA”

Judas Priest – “Deal With the Devil” I love you Judas Priest

Xibalba – “Enemigo” Music video too stupid to post, sorry

Naomi Klein – “Our Dream Is Not On Your Ballot” [NIN Remix]

Wallachia – “Dual Nothingness”

Pegasi 51 – “Gifted”

Societe Absolument Guinin – “Ogou (Nago-Zepol)” (This was where I lost my last internet listener)

Shriek Operator – “Amen Death Waltz”

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