Discussed on Tonight’s Show (December 12 2016)

Outsourcing Plan Open Comment Form (tn.gov)

Haslam’s Crooked “Impartial” Outsourcing Review (memphisflyer.com)

Public Comments Blast Outsourcing Proposal (knoxnews.com)

A Simple Diagram of Haslam’s Crooked Deal (twitter.com)

Oil Pipeline Leaks 176,000 Gallons of Oil Into A Creek 150 Miles From Standing Rock (cnbc.com)

Trump Makes America Goldman’s Again! (The Intercept)

Goldman Extends Its Reach In Trump Administration (New York Times)

Tonight’s Playlist

Kendrick Lamar – “Alright” (going out to Black Lives Matter Knoxville)

Daughters – “The Virgin” and “The First Sleeper” (going out to who gives a shit about grindcore lyrics for real)

Exarsis – “Mind Poisoning” (going out to Ayn Rand’s corpse)

Sodom – “Agent Orange”

Algebra – “Polymorph” [scariest band name in the world = airtime]

Ripper – “Humanity Was Wrong” (going out to everybody I guess)

Sigh – “Messiahplan”

Iron Maiden – “Powerslave” (dedicated to Donald Trump’s Goldman Sachs lovin ass)

Havok (Denver) – “I Am The State”

Havok (Sweden) – “A Pyrrhic Victory For Humanity”

Havok (Germany) – “Disgusting Design”

The Body – “Hallow/Hollow”

Sun Worship – “Elder Giants”

Forest Hum – “5.45”

The Elite Five – “The Call of Cthulu” (dedicated to Metallica and Jon who likes things like this for some reason)

Gadget – “Violent Hours (For A Veiled Awakening)”

Wormrot – “God’s In His Heaven”

Convulsing – “Altered”

Flipper – “The Way of The World”

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