Playlist from December 26 2016

Review Part II contains a lot more thrashing and blasting than the other half, which can be found here and is creepy.

Ripper – “Experiment of Existence”

Cornel West – “Donald Trump Is A Neofascist” [Death Grips Remix]

Death Toll 80K – “Piss-Stained Press”

Death Grips – “Giving Bad People Good Ideas”

Vektor – “Charging the Void”

Virus – “Afield”

Inter Arma – “Transfiguration”

Vodun – “Mawu”

High Priest of Saturn – “The Warming Moon”

Blood Incantation – “Chaoplasm”

夢遊病者 (Sleepwalkers) – “Plain Wood”

Convulsing – “Severed Hemispheres”

LVTHN – “Deus Alienus”

Noam Chomsky – “How Do We Fight Back” [Death Grips Remix]

Martröð – “Draumleiðsla”

Setentia – “Beyond Myopic Blame”

Mare Cognitum – “The First Point of Aries”

Our champion metal album of 2016 is Le Dernier Crepuscule by Chthe’ilist.

Chthe’ilist – “Tales of the Majora Mythos, Part 1”

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