Playlist from January 16 2017 (Martin Luther King Day)

Cornel West on Sanitizing Martin Luther King’s Legacy (2010)

The Santa-Clausification of Martin Luther King (The Intercept, 2017)

The Obsessed – “Brother Blue Steel”

Venom – “In League With Satan”

Martin Luther King – “On Love and Power”

Spectral Lore – “The Veiled Garden”

Horsebastard – “God Is An Awful Human” [dedicated to God]

Wesley Willis – “They Threw Me Out of Church” [dedicated to me]

Thou – “An Age Imprisoned”

Today Is The Day – “God Crutch” [dedicated to anybody who’s on crutches right now, it sucks]

Mizmor – “Woe Regains My Substance”

Smash Potater – “In Buffet There Is No Law” [dedicated to Adam Deal who believes this]

Oathbreaker – “Second Son of R” [dedicated to people who lie about their friends’ eating habits on the radio]

Martin Luther King – “The Three Evils of Society”

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