Playlist from Monday Jan 23 2017

Timeghoul – “Rain Wound”

At noon on a rainy Friday last week, surrounded by sycophants, weaklings and crooks, Donald Trump assumed the Presidency of the United States of America. Narcissistic reality TV star, business failure, self-confessed sexual predator, boorish ignoramus who can’t even quote “Two Corinthians” to a Bible college correctly. “Rain Wound,” indeed.

Of course women know a thing or two about being lied to and manipulated by men, which is maybe why we saw the biggest one-day nationwide protest in the history of the United States on Saturday: an estimated 2.9 million people marching against Trump, demanding basic respect, dignity, and human rights. It’s been reported that thousands of people marched right here in Knoxville, hundreds of thousands in Chicago, 750,000 in Los Angeles, Washington of course, and who knows how many thousands more all over the world, I saw anti-Trump protests in London, Paris and Australia just from glancing at the news, we’ve had reports of protests on all seven continents including Antarctica. I want to send a very humble and at the same time very enthusiastic shout-out to everybody in Knoxville and around the world who marched in that and lifted up your voice to be heard, thank you. If anybody wants to find out more about that or get some suggestions on how you can carry that protest energy forward during the next 100 days, you can visit

Immolation – “Failures For Gods”

Nocturnus – “Visions From Beyond the Grave”

Portal – “Heirships”

Corporate coup d’etat. Interesting idea and I agree in principle, although the statement really overlooks the fact this takeover has been happening in slow-motion for quite some time (as Klein would probably admit if you asked her), but also that unlike a dictionary-definition coup, the advent of this administration has been accomplished legally. Just like any other corporate takeover.

Not to belabor the point, but we are talking about the self-prophecied “Drainer of the swamp” who berated Ted Cruz and Hilary Clinton for being in the pocket of Goldman Sachs, then a couple of months later appoints to his cabinet and transition team Steve Bannon (senior advisor), Steve Mnuchin (Sec. of the Treasury), Gary Cohn (National Economic Council Director), Anthony Scaramucci (staff advisor and liaison to govt agencies and businesses), Jay Clayton (Chair of the SEC), and Dina Habib Powell (Assistant to the President and Senior Counselor for Economic Initiatives), all have been employees of Goldman Sachs except for Clayton, who represented them as a lawyer. If anybody forgot who Goldman Sachs is, they like to take crooked government bailouts, screw people out of their homes, defraud their own investors and pay themselves bonuses in taxpayer money. Now they’re in the White House.

Donald Trump is just the latest in a long line of wealthy American hucksters.  And the powers behind the throne (high finance, white supremacy, the war hawks) are going to use him as “a blunt instrument” (Steve Bannon’s words) to further their agenda.  Just another spectacle to hide an uglier reality.

Napalm Death – “Next on the List”

Dead Congregation – “Graves of the Archangels”

Soreption – “Breaking The Great Narcissist”

Sorcery – “Insanity Arise”

Obituary – “World Demise”

Nile – “Invocation to Seditious Heresy”

Michelle Alexander on The New Jim Crow

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