Nomads – “Falling Down”

Masakiri – “Egoism In Harvest”

Discommand – “War Is Terror”

“Egoism” is very much in harvest these days, reality is more complex than it ever has been and our ability to understand reality is as poor as it ever has been, we’re addicted to entertainments and silly myths about our own greatness. Fighting wars might force people call you “great,” but wars do not make you great.

For America to really become great, America will have to renounce every bit of its white supremacist identity that dehumanizes people and legitimizes racist oppression, the oppression of women, the oppression of immigrants, the oppression of any group. For America to become great, it will have to beat its swords and weapons into plowshares and give up on the imperial military agenda that ruins nations and calls the death of innocent noncombatants “collateral damage.” For America to become great, it will have to abandon its utterly bankrupt quote-unquote “capitalist” ideology that systematically robs the poor and gives to the rich, that unjustly “privatizes” public goods and public spaces, that hypnotizes us and bribes us with fantasies, and imprisons us with meaningless work.

Humanity, Equality, Community, Peace. Then your America will be great.

Phobocosm – “Knives In The Senate House”

Indian – “Rhetoric of No”

Diamanda Galas – “You Don’t Know What Love Is”

The Trump presidency is just the next chapter in the saga of the Age of Terror (which as Baudrillard and others have shown is also the age of the Simulation, the media spectacle). The primal image replaces the real event and achieves infinite recursion, it simulates reality and replaces reality the way a virus replaces your DNA.  Things from caves that make you sick.  Screens, internet reality, “viral” videos and memes. Symptoms include moral myopia, uncontrollable rage, and instrumentalized video-game-thought; if all reality is terror it must recede even in its insistence.  This alienation from reality results in a frustration with reality, a mutated image of the self, rejection of reality beyond petty gratifications and rehearsals of rage. A reality that is not, life that is not, the ecstasy of the insane. Alienation from the feminine. Transformation from human to troll. You really don’t know what love is.
So the trolls have taken a bit of power.  And as always it is as Ibsen said: “To live is to war with the trolls.”

Panopticon – “Resident”

Plebeian Grandstand – “Flail In the Bliss”

Iskra – “My Country Tis of Thy People You’re Dying” (Buffy Sainte-Marie cover)

Virus – “Steamer”

Matt Taibbi – Income and Criminal Justice Inequality (sound’s weird for the first couple minutes but it straightens out)

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