“On the Incompatibility of Civilization and Kinship Society”

Entheogen – “Sol Knell”

Mahr – “Apostasy”

Leprous Vortex Sun – “Плевок”

Not A Cost – “Axiom”

Heir – “Cendres”

Mare Cognitum – “Entropic Hallucinations”

Xenotaph – “Inversion Ritual”

Officium Triste – “World In Flames”

Haethen – “Wanderer”

Depravity – “Kretin”

Swamp Witch – “Novem”

Tchornobog – “The Vomiting Tchornobog (Slithering Gods of Cognitive Dissonance)”

Discussions of Derrick Jensen, Judith Herman, Theodore Allen, Cornel West.

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