On the autumnal equinox of 2018, the Lady of Chilhowee Lake held forth the Mixer of Truth and proclaimed that,  Sir Round5ound gather the Knights O’ The Turntable to Knoxville TN.

Hailing from the windy, eastern shores of Northern Ireland. Sir Round5ound has brought music to the masses, on his many quests around Ireland, the UK and Europe!

Having spent the last 5 years in the hellish purgatory of Florida, he gathers the “Knights” for his next quest! To bring dancing and laughter to the people of East Tennessee, with his own unique open format style!

Stay up to date with the quest by tuning in to Knights o’ the Turntable w/ Sir Round5ound every Tuesday from 7pm.

And give him a follow on Instagram @sir_round5ound and Facebook.com/SirRound5ound

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